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Buy VPN with Bitcoin - Vpn Free Trial

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What is ShadeYouVPN?

ShadeYou - a VPN Provider which uses advanced technologies, thereby providing its users with the highest quality of service.

Ideology of Shade You: VPN - a service vital to our time for every Internet user. And each user has the right to enjoy the highest quality of service. Otherwise VPN simply loses its meaning. ShadeYou VPN team doing its best to provide a premium quality of service to their users at the best price.

It is worth noting the top-level of loyalty and customer care.

ShadeYou VPN - the best choice for those who want to protect themselves on the Internet, unblock websites and surf anonymously.
Buy VPN with Bitcoin?

Accept Payment:

Advantages to clients:
- Free trial for every client
- 7 Days money back policy.
- Supports all VPN protocols (OpenVPN / L2TP ove IPSec / PPTP);
- 2048-bit length of the encryption key;
- Unlimited traffic and speed;
- No logs, 100% anonymity;
- Full compatibility with all devices;
- VPN servers in 20+ locations worldwide;
- A simple and reliable client for Windows OS;
- 5! simultaneous connections from different devices using one account
- Online Chat, ticket support, a online form on the site, and email - a variety of ways to reach the friendly and competent support team.


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